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Kevin Machate
19 October 1971
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Dog lover, Guinness World Record holder, soon-to-be successful author, and regular dude.

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What Is The Secret

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I love warm, sunny days.
I am am not, thankfully, a homeowner.
I like beer.
I love Dr. Pepper.
I have a million dollars in my wallet.
I want to see Italy and India. Oh, and Toronto.
I'm prospering, and growing more wealthy every day.
I'm happily single.
I love my dogs.
I'm not religious, but I become more spiritual every day.
I'm allergic to Compazine.
You can call me Al. (Not really.)
I do my best to be unique and original.
I am making new friends every day, and I am grateful for them all.
I have way too many freckles, but I cover them with a nice, dark tan.
I look forward to my next vacation.

Be nice to me, and I'll do that, and much more for you.

"This is Ohio. If you don't have a brewski in your hand you might as well be wearing a dress." - Christian Slater in "Heathers"
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